hostIP as variable.

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Thread: hostIP as variable.

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    Jun 2006

    hostIP as variable.

    Im trying to figure out how i can take my IP address, store it in a database, and then allow users to retrieve it into there client software as a variable. im assuming its something along the lines of.. ( in plain english)

    1. server form loads winsock1 obtains MY IP address ( how?)

    2. it then takes the IP address and updates a table on the sql server

    3. client wants to connect, the remotehost IP is then pulled from the sql database.

    4. client connects

    how would one go about finding the IP address and then how does it work with the mysql database.. can it be done as a string? kind of like text where ( example) is nothing more than a string. i hope im on the right path here.. thanks in advance for any help!!


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    Jun 2006

    forgot to mention....

    when i try the winsock1.localip it comes back with my internal IP ( 192.168.x.x) as opposed to my actual internet IP.. is there a way to get the internet IP address?

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