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    Question C# & COM & Excel: How to Insert Image into cell

    I've mananged to successfully use COM to open up Microsoft Excel and insert an image for each row of data based on the filename retrieved from my database.

    I am using code found below, which I found on Google:
     string filename = "C:\\PHOTOS\\" + reader["photo_no"] + ".JPG";
                   FileInfo fi = new FileInfo(filename);  
                   if (fi.Exists){
                        m_oSheet.Shapes.AddPicture(filename, Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoTriState.msoFalse,
                       Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoTriState.msoCTrue, 1, 200, 40, 50);
    The problem is that the AddPicture funtion uses X,Y coordinates to place the picture. So it's hard and messy to place the picture exactly in the cell that you want.

    Is there is a function where I can place the picture right into the exact cell by using the range function?

    Edit: I would like to point out there ideally I would like to use this code:

    ThisWorkBook = ThisApplication.Workbooks.Open(_stFileName,missing,missing,5,missing,missing,missing,missing,missing,missing,missing,missing,missing,missing,missing); 
    Excel.Worksheet ThisSheet = (Excel.Worksheet)ThisWorkBook.Sheets[1]; 
    Excel.Range oRange = (Excel.Range)ThisSheet.Cells[10,1]; 
    Image oImage = Image.FromFile(_stLOGO); 
    But, the problem with this code is that YOU CANNOT SPECIFIY the image size. So if your original JPG is 1000x1000 then that's how big it'll look once you pasted into Excel.

    Thanks again. Hope this helps a few others out there.
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