Hi guys,

I am trying to do the following.

Basically I have a set of data with about 6 columns and 100's of rows (these rows grow in size on a daily basis because the excel spreadsheet I am using queries and external MDB to aquire the data it is populated with), what I want to do is write some code that does the following.

Takes a user input which will be a date.

Then scrolls through the data and in any row where that date is the same as the date the user entered, copys the data and pastes it to another part of the spreadsheet.

The data the seach will be matched against will always be in 1 column.

So in a very very crude way it will say

if "user inputed date" = data in coulmn D
Copy whole row
Paste whole row

I am sure someone must have done this sort of thing before?

Any thing you can throw my way would be a great help.

Thank you.