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    Please Help me with Drag-n-Drop of multiple items from one Listview to another.


    I'm facing a problem with Listview Drog and Drop of multiple items from one listview to another listview. When I try to Drag only one single item, the item is dragged without any problem. However, when the multiple selected items are dragged, the Listview on which the items are dropped, receives information about only one item and not all selected items. The item, about which the information is received, is the same on which I click and hold mouse to start drag action. So, it looks like even though multiple items are selected in a listview, while executing the Drag-Drop action, listview treats it as single item selected!

    Is this a default behavior of Listview or am I missing/doing anything wrong? Any work-around for this (seems like default) behavior of Listview? I searched for it and got a code example at http://btmtz.mvps.org/listview/ where the author has demonstrated Drag-Drop of multiple items. However, the code is specifically restricted to re-arranging items within same Listview and the information is transported via Drag-Drop to another Listview, upon which the items are dropped.

    To help you all to get a better insight of my problem, I have attached a Demo of Listview Drag-n-Drop. Please see the project and you will see that when one item is dragged from left side Listview to right side Listview, no problem for VB to allow me to do it! However, when you select multiple items in left side Listview and try dragging those to right side Listview, only one item is dragged. Please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong here and please help me to get this stuff to work!

    Waiting for your valuable reply ...


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    I hope this will help you.
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