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    I can't get this to work. I grabs the variable after the "?" and leaves out any "%" or "2" or "0". There are only 13 department names going to be passed through, so I don't need to wory about #'s.

    It did work in FF until I tried to add browser compatability since it has to be IE and FF compliant. I am confused why this does not work. Thanks for your time.

    if (document.getElementById)
    {var strvar = document.getElementById("url").indexOf('?');}
    {var strvar = document.url.indexOf('?');}

    if (strvar != -1)
    if (document.getElementById)
    {strsearch = document.getElementById("url").substring(strvar+1, document.getElementById("url").length);}
    {strsearch = document.url.substring(strvar+1, document.url.length);}

    for (count = 0; count < strsearch.length; count++)


    if (strsearch.charAt(count) == "%")
    {document.write (" ");}

    else if (strsearch.charAt(count) == "2")
    {document.write (" ");}

    else if (strsearch.charAt(count) == "0")
    {document.write (" ");}


    {document.write (strsearch.charAt(count));}


    {document.write("No Department Selected");}
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