Question about WebBrowser VB.NET

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Thread: Question about WebBrowser VB.NET

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    Question about WebBrowser VB.NET

    I want to open site via WebBrowser .
    I want fast way to know the my page opened or no.

    some times internet connection has problem if that happen I want stop the program.

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    Add a handler for the WebBrowser's DocumentComplete event. When the event fires, you know the page opened successfully. If it doesn't fire within a reasonable length of time (say, 30 seconds) after you execute the .Navigate method, then the page did not open.
    Phil Weber

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    Oct 2005
    Thank Phil Weber ,But if happen any error like "Cannot find server" also DocumentComplete event will be work .

    Becouse that temprary I will used page title

    If WebBrowser1.Document.Title = "Cannot find server" Then
    end if

    Thank again

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