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    DataGridView Returning Values from Cells

    Need some help. I am using datagridview in 2005 with C#. I am calling a web service and filling the datagridview with the data returned. This all works fine. Next step is to take a value from one of the cells in the datagridview and return it back with some other values in an object for another webservice call. The problem is I dont know how to access a cell in a datagridview to do this. Im pretty sure you have to do it thru the binding source for the datagridview but I dont know how. I have the datagridview setup for no multiselect so only one row can be selected and I know I will probably need to write something to return which row is selected in the gridview and send it to the bindingsource to tell it and return the value in the cell I need. Can someone help please. Thanks.

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    Look at the following link. You will find a lot of helpful articles on this topic.


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