Java:Intranet content management sys.

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Thread: Java:Intranet content management sys.

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    Jul 2006

    Question Java:Intranet content management sys.

    Hi Guys ,

    Can you suggest any open source CMS based on java which supports features like

    1.Discussion forums
    2.knowledge base
    3.Photo gallery
    4.Users with different roles.
    5.User search.
    6.Chat and conferences

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    Jul 2006

    My short list

    Check out these CMSs (no particular order)


    Those were my short listed CMS projects.

    I doubt that you'll find a single solution to your needs.

    I BET that you'll discover all your needs met by the open-source community. I would suggest centering your focus on integrating those needs into a portal based solution. Would be a good project to take these needs:
    1. Content Management
    2. Chat
    3. Gallery
    4. Forum

    and make those portlets. The portal solution will tie it nicely together with user adminstration, roles, security, etc...

    There's also a growing interest in "virtual appliances". In a nutshell, they are self-contained collection of software to meet a particular need - distributed as a virtual machine. The virtual machine concept is an exciting trend to follow. One of the best "lists" that I've seen is here

    Best of Luck. Let me know how your search goes. Would be interested in hearing what you come up with.


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