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    Java Application

    Somebody with a lot of time and addicted with java:

    Define a class called Parking that has the following properties: CarPlateno of String type, Hours of parking, Parking rate per hour. Include appropriate accessors, mutators and constructor(s) as well as a method to change the carís information.

    Define a class called Carpark that has the following properties:
    i.An array season_parking that can allowed up to maximum 150 parking at a time.
    ii.Include a method that will allow new parking information to be included into the system.
    iii.Include a method to search for a car parking information.
    iv.Include a method to increase the seasonal parking rate by 20%
    v.Include a method to display all car details that are currently still parking.
    vi.Include a method to find the average hours of parking.
    vii.Include two more methods that either involved calculation, or data manipulation.

    Finally define a main menu program that will allow all the parking information to be manipulated.

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    Nice homework problem, so what's your question?

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