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    Changing Careers - Software Developer to Database Developer

    Hello all. I'm giving serious thought on changing gears withing the IT world. For several years I have been a software developer who has been fortunate enough to have been involved in the needed databases. From just sketching out tables for the DBA to doing the database from the ground up and maintaining it during production. Along the way I've known that I didn't do as quality of a job as a knowledgeable DBA would do but given the situations I made do just fine.

    I am considering switching gears to the database side only, coding as secondary. Since I am basically familier with most aspects of SQL Server in a general way, I am looking to take that knowledge and become a "Professional". What I am looking for is a few books to help out. Maybe a "Become a DBA for Software Developers" or something. I know that mining these and other forums are very valuble but I'd like some other training materials as well.

    Have I been clear enough on what I am looking for? I don't quite feel like I have.

    Basically, what would you recommend for a good software developer who is looking on switching to becoming a good database person?

    I'd like to stay in SQL Server for now, since that is what they use here and it would give me an opportunity to practice.

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    My advice to you is take the MCDBA. As you already know a fair amount of SQL Server from a coding point of view it is a good start.

    I recently took an MCSD course in India with a company called Koenig (I am not advertising - it is a true story!). You can do a 32 day MCDBA course in Goa (it's lovely) for less than 2,000.

    It's a useful investment - I got a job less than 2 weeks after arriving back from India with my MCSD qualifications.

    Hope this gives you food for thought.

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