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    Question New to Java and don't know where to start

    Hello my name is Josh I am trying learn Java to make a texted based role playing game and games for younger kids I have had 4 or 5 years in html/javascripting and about 4 months in CSS. I want to get into java really bad so I can start makeing bigger and better things. My Question is Where Do I Start?? I can't go to college because I have to babys and I watch them during the day plus money it tight. I tought myself html, javascripting, and CSS through Joe Burns on HtmlGoodies.com I still can not make javascripting on my own I have to look at someone elses script then rework it to what I need it to be I so I'm kinda afraid I'll have trouble with this but I'm going to try anyway. Like I said my interest in Java is mostly Games and navagation menus. Can anyone spare sometime to help this newbie out. Thank you Very Much


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    the are some great examples to be found throughout the internet. But I for one fond that learning Java works best when you have someone to teach you. At least untill you have the basics down.
    Java is a great language, but because of the OOP that comes into play from the start, the learning curve can be a bit steep.
    If you are willing, I'm willing to help you out here, just contact me through MSN and we'll start your crash course asap.


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    I think you are interested in java applet.
    The book "thinking in java" suits newbie .
    www.hotdir.biz Hot Java Directory

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    mark I can't seem to im you I have tryed to add you and it say there is no profile under that name.

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