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    swing applet help

    trying to create a swing applet that will display a form for creating an email directory, dont know if the code was writting correctly

    import java.awt.*:
    public class JEmailForm extends java.applet.Applet
      Label firstnameLabel= new Label ("First Name:");
      TextFied textfield = new TextField (25);
      Label lastnameLable = new Lable("Last Name:");
      TextField lastname = new TextField (25);
      Label emailLabel = new Lable("Email:");
      TextField email = new TextField (25);
      Jbutton entVal = new Jbutton ("submit");
      public void init() {
        add (firstnameLabel);
        add (firstname);
        add (lastnameLabel);
        add (lastname);
        add (emailLabel);
        email.setEchoCharacter ('*');
        add (email);
        add (jbutton);

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    So far so good, except for "Lable"

    Then you will have to add actionlistener for the button and a way to handle the email directory creation; That task will be very difficult if you run this as an applet in a browser, - the security manager will not allow it. To do this you will have to implement it as an application.
    eschew obfuscation

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