Hi All. I was wondering if anybody has ever seen or heard an Access DB that is used as training tool.

My objective is to set up a db that will have 3 users involved in a Mock Auction.

Two bidders that will enter 3 values for specific lots within' a 10 min timespan.

The other user will be the monitor. He/she will start the timer and add 2 minutes if an extended time is neccessary.

My first thought is to have seperate forms connected to seperate tables and everytime they enter values into the lots, they will have a SUBMIT button that logs the record to a SUBMIT Table and resets the lot fields. They will continue to bid throughout the time allotted. As soon as the time reaches 00:00:00, I want both user forms locked.

1. Is this possible?
2. If so, is it possible to lock fields on a timer?