XML web dev: enable add content via RSS type

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Thread: XML web dev: enable add content via RSS type

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    XML web dev: enable add content via RSS type

    EDIT:wow, this really is difficult to understand. i'm going to try to rewrite in the meantime. not change meaning, just change the wording here. if you can understand what i'm saying, then feel free to post, please! sorry about this..

    hello. i'm interested in XML and how i can use it to enhance my designs, and improve my clients' experience with their sites.

    an example of my experimentation w/ XML can be seen in this installation of Magpie RSS -- (see sidebar at link) but it's probably not a good gauge because it's pre-made, and i don't think i even really did any XML work. fortunately, i do understand somewhat about XML-- and i've played around w/ files in the editor Notepad++ a bit, making the text hightlight work, and creating nested flowing hierarchy of tags and attributes, etc., and of course i've seen it all over the place in PHP tutorials-- it's just never the XML i'm working on-- the real-world use it from a development mode, and real knowledge of it where i'm probably lost.

    i feel that if i can do what i'm imagining for my web site, perhaps it will help me to make available a "editable text region" for a client-- where maybe simply copy / pasting text into a field on the site, or uploading via FTP will be effective. the idea is simple-- enable an unknowledgeable client to update text w/out my help.

    ideas? i realize i have sort of rambled here, but i was trying to be, as the rules read, as descriptive as possible-- since i didn't have a particular "problem" i apologize that my interpretation became somewhat meandering. i appreciate you taking time to read this. i look forward to your reply.

    thank you!!
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