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    Jun 2006

    borland builder help???

    hello all
    Builder is causing havoc. Royally.
    I'm working (struggling)away with my course work
    and firstly, when I started on this question I had to do, I was having mega problems with #include "thefileIneededtoinclude.h"
    in that-it wouldn't
    I had added the file to the project and done it all by the book but it would not work, kept saying the file couldn't be found when i tried compiling the program.
    eventually, I gave up on it and started from scratch. This time the #include worked.
    However I've just gone back to try and edit a bit of the code and without changing ANYTHING AT ALL I tried to compile it just to see how it looked again, and the same thing happened!! Its saying it can't find the file i added!
    I tried adding again-still no joy!

    I was working away on another project for maybe 2 hours, and I was reading some coursework when I noticed a box had come up and it said something along the lines of my projects date/time had changed did I want to update it?
    So i said 'yes'
    and when I finished reading and went back to my program it had been completely reset to default! all the components and code I'd added-gone!
    I checked my saved files and they were the same, all completely reset.

    I'm a total loss with what to do with this.
    my deadline for this is tomorrow and I can't put the finishing touches on the afore mentioned questioned because it won't compile and i don't have time to start from scratch and for the latter project again the deadline is tomorrow and the whole thing has just been basically wiped!

    I really don't know what to do :(

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    Apr 2006
    Zagreb, Croatia
    if it's the include files that are giving you trouble, add the directory containing your includes to the project's include files path. You can do this by selecting Project->Options menu and then by clicking the Directories/conditionals tab

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    Jun 2006
    as I said in my post its not that its not working at all, its that its sometimes not working.
    And I haven't changed any settings or options or anything, nothing is changed.

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    Nov 2003
    Try to uninstall and reinstall Builder.
    Next, make sure that your project is properly configured as a Cnsole App, and that the default directories are also defined correctly.
    Danny Kalev

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    Jun 2006
    Thanks I'll try that. Sorry if I seemed snappy Ivan its just this is due in tonight and I was planning to have had it all finished last night, not have to start again from scratch hours before its due in :(:(:(

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    Apr 2006
    Zagreb, Croatia
    C++ Builder compiler can be moody at times and sometimes I had to resort to creating a new project with new file names (otherwise name conflicts can occur). Of course most of the work is cut & paste from old projects. My advise to everyone is not to waste more than 15 minutes of time with trying to figure out why it won't compile. Creating a new project will usuallly solve the problem.

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