I believe the "Server Page" (ASP.NET/JSP) model for web applications is obsolete. I propose a new model called "HTML/AJAX" be implemeted where pages are either HTML or a common template language and all dynamic behavior is implemented by AJAX calls to web services (not neccessarily SOAP.)

This is why:
1. The server page model was developed when web application essentially only changed their appearance by making an HTTP request and loading a new page. This resulted in an attempt to incorporate a MVC pattern into a "Server Page" type object (the ASP.NET page controller pattern), or in a Model 2 web app pattern (Such a Struts.) Since this is no longer the case (with AJAX) a new model is necessary.
2. The "Server Page" model is technology specific. There is no easy way to convert a JSP page to an ASPX page or vise-versa.
3. I have a working production application that discards the "Server Page" model for the "HTML/AJAX" model. It has these implications:
a. Our application uses only HTML or a template language(Velocity/NVelocity) to manage the HTML of most of our pages.
b. This allows us to write the AJAX services that populate the data on pages to written in both Java and .NET (we have a need to access .NET and Java third-party libraries.)
c. It realizes the promise of web developers (using HTML/Css/Javasscript) writing the UI and system developers (using Java, .NET, Ruby, <insert technology here> writing the web services back end, thus separating the UI cleanly.
d. It is a truly service-oriented architecture. Information from third party SOAP web services can be incorporated easily. We have a javascript library to generate lists (for drop down/list boxes), or other data formats (such as plain text, and a tree structure) from a SOAP web service.
e. Many current AJAX framework try to incorporate themselves into current methodologies and techniques instead of creating new framework/methodologies that optimize their features.

What are your thoughts? Is this a valid assumption? Does this model already exist? Am I just rocking the boat? Is this not a real problem?