Hi everyone,

I do not actually have web page i can test this with but would really appreciate anyone with experience on this topic.

You see i am trying to upload a html page called wt.html from my disk to a website called http://www.rt.com/rf/wt.html using the HttpUrlConnection by first authenticating myself into the server getting its outputstream and getting rady to transfer the data.

Here is where my program begins, when a html file is involved do i transfer the data in text form by reading the html tags one by one from the html file on my disk and transferring the html tags one by one using the PrintStream class


can i just use the FileInputStream class to transfer the file from my disk to the server.

For zip files and other data format, i know that i can use the FileInputStream
and do this but for html i am not really that sure and hope that someone can shed some light on this topic for me or anyone that has experience in this arena as i do not actually have a webpage to test this problem with

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thank You

Yours Sincerely

Richard West