I have placed a datagridview control on my form without allocating datasource during design time.In the program I have created a datagridcombobox column and assigned values from a table called "projects" to its items collection.Now I have one more table "Time spent" in which user enters his Id and the project he worked on and number of hours he spent.
Now I want to display this info in datagrid that i have created but the project information must be displayed in the combobox column I have created and the other 2 in default text boxes.
The problem is when I am trying to display data into the grid (by allocating the datasource of the datagrid to "Time spent") the project column is displayed in a separate text box instead of the one I have created.
Please help me and I am pretty sure that there is some small hook that I should look for to connect the datagrid source table to the already created columns.

Thank you,