Your question was posted in the CSharp newsgroup.
Try, on the same server, the vb.dotnet.discussion

But, to respond to your question, VB.Net is a
completely new language, designed to create programs
for a completely new environment. In my opinion,
at least 99 percent of all business applications
should be either be maintained in VB6 or completely
rewritten to make use of the Net Classes and ADO.Net.
I suspect that the migration tool was developed more
for the marketing folks at MSFT than for developers
in the field.

> It looks like MS has changed VB a lot. If so many changes are made in it,
> then will it be possible that people would be able to upgrade their S/w created
> in previous versions. Even if MS says that it will provide upgrading S/w's,
> do you think it would be advisable to give your source code to a S/w and
> get the latest one without even knowing the S/w thorougly.

Jim Holloman