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    Aug 2006

    applet problems on webpage????

    Hi, I know what I'm doing for the most part with java, but when I tried to load my applet onto the webpage I've been working on for this lady (click on artwork), it doesn't load (even though it looks perfect if I run with the appletviewer). It is supposed to be a picture viewer that takes random paintings and does a nice dissolve effect in between. I think that the problem is that I need to load information for each pic from a txt file. You know for title, size,etc.. Please help!

    [EDIT] I did read something about java securities and txt files. Do I need to make the txt file into a URL and get the document base then read it in?? Well I guess I'll try it
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    Aug 2006
    here's the segment of code that I think is causing the issues in the browser. The actual processing of the txt file is correct so don't worry about that. I'll submit more of my code if its necessary

    in = new Scanner(new FileReader(FILE_NAME));
    String thisLine = in.nextLine();
    Scanner im = new Scanner(thisLine);
    im.useDelimiter("- |, |; |\r\n");
    if(thisLine.equals("") || thisLine.substring(0,2).equals("??") );
    String artistName = im.next();
    Artist newArtist = new Artist(artistName);
    String loc;
    String title;
    String size;
    String medium;
    loc = im.next();
    title = im.next();
    size = im.next();
    medium = im.next();
    Painting newPainting = new Painting(artistName, loc, title, size, medium);

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    Aug 2006
    ok well never mind I figured it out myself. If however I want to have my applet run on older browserswith older versions of the java jre, do I need to compile the files with an older version of java as well or is there some short cut to do it with current java 1.5

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    Jan 2006
    It sounds like some of your code is only supported by Java version 1.5, hence your problems when running your applet on older browsers. I dont think you can simply recompile with an older compiler. Your only options are ...

    a. Encourage your users to download the latest version of JRE
    b. Recode your applet using code that is compatible with older versions of java

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    Aug 2006

    really interesting problems

    alright well I got it working for java versions 1.4 and up for now, but I'm noticiing some inconsistencies between 1.5 and 1.4. On the java 1.5 jre it displays everything perfectly as it should and I couldn't be happier. On Java 1.4 about half of the pictures I display (I'm doing a slide show of sorts) don't show up, although their titles do. Anyone have any ideas?? Up until now I at least had theories... Thanks.
    you can check it out at http://artliaisons.com under artwork

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    Aug 2006
    ok nevermind I figured it out, but just for everyone to know: java 1.4 and lower don't support image file names with spaces in them (off of servers at any rate, they do work in the applet viewer oddly enough). java 1.5 is cool with file names with spaces in them though. Problem solved
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