HTTP kills TCP/IP 'Listen'

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Thread: HTTP kills TCP/IP 'Listen'

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    HTTP kills TCP/IP 'Listen'

    I have a TCP/IP which initiates a 'Listen' for a continuous periodic data update. This works flawlessly by itself.
    When I send an HTTP message to a different port and a slighty different DSN, the TCP/IP periodic data updates stop.
    These are in the same VB6 Module.

    Nowhere in the module do I affect the TCP/IP except in the Winsock code subroutines.

    Do I need to have a different application to communicate with these two servers?
    If so, is there a direct way to write to a variable in one VB6 application to another? Or do I have to use an intermediatory like a DLL, a file, an Excel sheet or ....?
    I know about 'Channelling' but have had problems trying to implement it. Is it implementable in VB6?

    Will a Background Worker separate the HTTPS and the Winsock TCP/IP and allow the two communications to function without needing an intermediatory data hand off?


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