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> Ok jerk off. Ya see, you really didn't solve ****. I kind of just gave your
> ego a little jump there. Being the VB guru( and every other thing ) couldn't
> you tell me the difference with CreateObject and new in COM/COM+. I mean
> there is a difference isn't there? I thought you could tell me.

I'm sorry, I thought I wasn't supposed to use cites. Remember this?

"Actually yes. Being the great engineer that you are, I would have thought
that would come off the top of your head from your vast experiences. Does
something so basic in C++ need backup from Bjarne? Can you think on your
own? Judging from some of your other posts you rely on what you're told without
doing a little research on your own."

Perhaps I can get away with using just a little cite, from the VB Books
Online topic, "How Object Creation Works in Visual Basic Components":

"Objects that will be used with Microsoft Transaction Services must be
created using CreateObject."

You'd better get back to work making your C++/ATL components comply with
the COM spec! Perhaps you should wait for C#/B# to make it all better?
We can forget about whether a strongly-typed "New C_ALLib.DB_Helper" were
to work, or you'd be back in business, hmmmm?

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