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    Inherited method that calls new static method

    In C#, is it possible to call a new static method from an inherited method? When I try to do this, it always calls the "hidden" static method in the base class.

    eg, in the example below, when I call DoSomething() on an instance of Child, I want it to call the static method Child.DoSomethingElse() but when I implement this, it calls the static method Parent.DoSomethingElse() only. I am using the new keyword since you can't override a static method.

    public class Parent
      public static void DoSomethingElse() {  }
      public void DoSomething()
    public class Child : Parent
       public new static void DoSomethingElse() { }

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    No, that's not possible because "new" breaks the inheritance chain, so DoSomething in the base class knows nothing about your new DoSomethingElse method. The only solution I can think of is to add a new DoSomething method in the Child class.
    Phil Weber

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    Thanks. Regarding adding DoSomething() in the Child class, yes, that does work, although I then have to add the DoSomething() method to every derived class (I have several that inherit from Parent). I have resorted to making the DoSomethingElse() not static, using abstract in the Parent and override in the Child.

    I realize that on the surface, one would wonder why I would want the DoSomethingElse() to be static if I need to create an instance to call DoSomething() anyway. The reason is that sometimes I need to call DoSomethingElse() independently and don't want to have to create an instance to do so.

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