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    Aug 2006

    number occurrances in a text file using indexOf

    hiya please help, i am a beginner and i am trying to work out 1. how to count the number of occurrances of a specified word in a text file and 2.to count how many lines the specified word appears on. below is my code so far...

    public class WordCounter1 {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
    // input file
    BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(args[0]));
    int count = 0;
    int lines = 0;
    String line = in.readLine().toUpperCase(); // prime the pump for "while"
    while (line!=null) {
    // Tokenizer setup
    StringTokenizer wordFinder = new StringTokenizer(line);
    while (wordFinder.hasMoreTokens()) {
    String token = (wordFinder.nextToken());
    int n = args[1].indexOf(token);
    if (args[1].equalsIgnoreCase(token))
    if (args[1] IS ON THE LINE?????
    line = in.readLine();
    System.out.println("There were " + count + " occurences");
    System.out.println("The word " + args[1] + " is on " + lines + " lines");
    catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
    System.out.println("File opening problem.");

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    Aug 2006
    i don't use tokenizers all that much, but if you're using java 1.5.xxx I'd look into using the Scanner class. with scanner you can read the file line by line and it would be much simpler in my opinion. Also once you get each line in as a string, you can use indexOf(String, int) inside of a while loop to get how many times, etc. the string appears in the document you're reading.

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    may i ask why you are using StringTokenizer? the way i wrote this was just using two while loops (one nested inside the other). the outer loop determined how many lines the word was on and the inner loop found the number of occurances. i just used indexOf(String, int) and indexOf(String) to find these values.

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