I need to have 11 sounds in an interactive bagpipe demonstration (notes played at certain times): 9 melody sounds and 2 different drone sounds..

I would like to have 3 sounds playing all at once: both drones and the melody notes.

Not only would I like certain sounds to be played, I would like to have control over their tone (pitch bend) to sharpen or flatten them. This way I can simulate it being naturally out of tune at certain times.

I can either record the sounds I need and provide 11 wav/mp3 files (short and loopable), or I can use a MIDI soundbank to generate the sounds. Recording the sounds are no problem, but I have no idea how to use MIDI sounds: how to generate them, how to control them, how to sequence them, where to find the bagpipe chanter/drone sounds within the soundbank, etc..

Are there functions available to do what I need with pre-recorded sounds? Or will I have to use MIDI?