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    Thread: Everything Depreciated

    Hey everyone. I have a program that I have been struggling with and now Im so close to finishing it I can taste it. Here's the deal I have one thread in my program that is called from the main method. When my program runs the thread immediately starts as it is written. Problem is my program is a slot machine and the thread should not start until the spin button has been pushed. Idealy I think that some sort of stop method should be at the beginning of the thread(so that It doesn't start as soon as the program is started). Then have a start method for the thread in my Listener class for the sin button.
    If this is what I need to do, I don't know how. Everything that I read on threads talks about how to start them. everthing to pause or stop them has been taken out of java.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    deprecated doesn't mean that you can't use/ compile it (although it does usually mean its been replaced by something better). If the only support you can get is deprecated on the other hand, a bit of reading of the method in the java api will usually clear things up in the java sun supported way of doing things.

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