Hi guys, Im having a little trouble, I use to be able to do it before, but cant quite figure out whats wrong with my code. Basically, I have a div, when I click a link on my site, a div is ment to appear under it, like css drop down menus. This part works so far, i can click a link and the div will appear, only problem is that all the ther links are positioned after the div. Okay i think that might be confusing, here is a link to my site, i have removed all other data so u can have a a look at the code and look at the css.

Please can some one help me, my users can accesss the rest of the site, becuase I have removed it for developing puroses.

Here is the link http://www.cy2online.net/index.php

Click on the home link and the div will apper and u will understand.

Mny thanks guys.