I just joined this forum because of the explanation JBourgeois gave on arguments being passed to a function. That was the best explanation I have seen I am just starting out and just happen to be doing some of the same stuff infundibulum1 that you are doing. If you were to write a book JBourgeois I would buy it. Now for my question. Knowing that I am no coding genious and have only taken the minimum VB.NET class my school gives. I am looking for a way to take all the data in a excel sheet and generate a report from it with maybe a pie graph and just have it reorganized in a easy and fast method so he doesn't have to make one himself every time he gets this excel sheet from the higher ups. I have looked into a few things just lead me in the right path please. Either ADO.NET or OleDb which would you recommend using if either ADO.NET looked like it had much more capabilities to format data in a way I might want to use it. I don't want to sound to much like an *** kisser it just really helped the explanation you gave. Thanks!