I'm facing some strange and irritating behavior of MDI & Child form regarding the Form menu. In my application, I have one MDI form and one Child form. I have defined an Object As ChildForm and create multiple instances of this child form as and when required.

This Child Form has a Listview that needs to show a Popup menu. So, I have created this Popup menu on the ChildForm itself and made it Visible = False. Till today, client did not demand any menu on MDI form; however as per his specifications, I need to add some menu items on MDI form as well.

The problem is ... when the ChildForm is loaded, MDI Form menu is lost! This might be due to the fact that ChildForm itself is having a menu on it (the hidden menu created for Listview Popup menu). This hidden menu from ChildForm actually takes place on the Application's menu bar and hence MDI Form's own menu goes for a walk! I don't understand why this behavior; but I guess this might be the case.

There is a certain option open for me ... shift the whole ChildForm menu (which is Visible = False) to MDI form and call it on Listview as PopupMenu frmMDI.MyPopupMenu; but there are in fact two Menu with manu sub-menu items. Plus, the complete referencing throughout the project code for these Menu items and subitems will be needed to be checked ... and also the menu handling code will be needed to be moved to MDI form. The code has some local references to ChildForm and other components on it; hence all these References will also be needed to be revisited with frmMDI.ActiveForm replacements! Huh, a lot of work it will be!

Is there any work-around for this MDI-Child behavior? Can I have the MDI Form menu as is; even though the ChildForm is having few menu items on it? Please let me know if you know any solution for this.

Waiting for your vaulable reply ...

Thanks & Regards,