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    How to develop a Toolbar in VB that's to be shown in WinXP Taskbar?


    Yesterday I stalled Speech Tools for XP on one of my XP machines. After installation, I saw a small option-bar in the Taskbar of windows XP, just to the left of System Tray area. Such option bars are called as "Toolbars" (that are available in the right-click menu - Toolbars for WinXP Taskbar), right?

    In the same menu, we also have "New Toolbar" and when this menu is clicked, "Browse For Folder" dialog is opened. I'm curious to know what exactly happens behind the scene that registers a selected folder as Toolbar and also shows it in Toolbars submenu items. How can I develop a Toolbar like "Speech Tools"?

    For better describing what I'm talking about, I have attached the Screenshots of Speech Tools toolbar shown in Windows XP taskbar and also the Taskbar right-click menu for
    "Toolbars". Please have a look and help me to learn this new stuff. Eagerly waiting for your vaulable reply. Any VB Code Sample or Link to Article or anything you feel that will be helpful for me to understand the technique ... please let me know.

    Thanks & Regards,

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