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    Setting printer properties


    This is related to my previous thread about installing a printer. Now when I have installed the printer, I would sometimes like to change the properties of it (like for example the papersize or the orientation). How could that be done? I tried with the "Printer" object, but it didn't work (probably because the files I am printing are printed with their respective applications, so I'm never using the Printer object). So I somehow need to get at the printer properties of an installed printer...any API functions that could do that? I've seen something on the net with PRINTER_INFO and DEVMODE, but I haven't been able to find any good explanations on how that works.

    Very grateful for help!

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    Check Daniel Appleman's Programmer's Guide to the Win32 API.

    Whether or not your program can change printer settings depends a lot on which operating system you are running and your access privileges and your program's access privileges. If you are trying to change settings for a network printer then it gets even more complicated. This book can help get you started, but things have changed a lot since this book was published.

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    The following may help:

    How To Retrieve Settings From a Printer Driver

    How To Open the Printer Properties Dialog

    HOW TO: Raise and Control Print Dialog Boxes from Visual Basic

    Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

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