please try this program in java...
the problem is:
write a program that plays word game with the user. the program would ask the user to input the following:
1.what is your name?
2.what is your age?
3.where do lived?
4.what is your school name?
5. what is your proffesion?
6. what type of animal?
7. what is your pets name?

after the user have enter this items, the program should display the following story, inserting the user's inputs into the approriate location:

"There once was a person <name> who lived in <location>. At the age of <age>,<name>, went to <school>. <Name> graduated and went to work as a <proffession>. Then <Name> adopted a <animal> name <petsName>. They both lived hapilly ever after".

try to write this in java: its fun (^_^)..... thank you!