Is JDBC still the Java standard for DB connections ?

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Thread: Is JDBC still the Java standard for DB connections ?

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    Is JDBC still the Java standard for DB connections ?

    I am wondering if JDBC is still the Java standard for making a database connection. I ask because is seems that JDBC still looks very much like the old ODBC. I used to use ODBC for all my DB connections, but in my latest .Net 2.0 project I use ADO.Net for all my database requests.
    I know the ADO.Net class is a much better and a much more secure method for making DB requests and updates. Is there something equivalent to ADO in the Java world ?

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    New York

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    What does ADO.NET do that JDBC 3.0 doesn't?

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    I'm fairly new to Java and the J2EE platform, so at this point I cannot say that ADO.Net necessarily does anything more or better than JDBC.
    I do know that Ado.Net is a wrapper class around the OLEDB connection technology; it is certainly more secure than ODBC in that it does not expose the command string when executing a procedure or query on the backend.
    It is also an improvement over the previous ADO class and its RecordSet, where there was limited support for a disconnected environment. Ado.Net now supports in-memory tables.

    Anyhow, I will just continue doing research in order to understand data access in Java.

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    Yes,JDBC4.0 will come with jdk 1.6 soon.That means jdbc is still a standard for database. although you can use hibernate , jdo or cmp.but all of them are based on JDBC

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