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    How to use constructor from one class to draw image in another

    Hi, I am having problems making a constructor for a image so that I can call it whenever I want from another class. The problem Im having is that I dont know what to put in g.drawImage(blah, blah, blah, THIS SECTION). I know normally you put "this" but I need to call it into another class..

    Obstacle Class:

    public class Obstacle

    public void drawUrn(Graphics g, String obstacle, int x, int y)
    g.drawImage(obstacle, x, y, );

    what would I need to do so I can call that in my Player.class?

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    "this" is a shorthand reference to the instance/object which is invoking the method. If your drawImage method needs to have an ImageObserver instance/object to act upon which is not the current instance/object, you can use the name of that ImageObserver instance/object you want the method to act on as an argument in place of "this".

    So, if your Player class extends ImageObserver, and you have created an instance of Player - let's say, player1 - you would use

    g.drawImage( obstacle, x, y, player1);

    HOWEVER, you might want to directly invoke the player1 instance's drawImage method ...
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    well, right now, player is the only other class. Its an applet right now. I just wanted a way to add an obstacle whenever I wanted but I wanted to make it a seperate class.. what Im trying to do is in Player, i want to be able to type like.. obstacle1.drawUrn(urn, 10, 20); and have it draw an urn at the coordinates provided.. but since the constructor is not in player, i am unsure of how to make that work

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    I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but you could just make a subclass of Obstacle called Urn and then give it a static final member which is an image. Then when you want to draw it, you would just say:
    g.drawImage(obstacle, x, y, Urn.IMAGE);
    Or something like that.

    Hope this helps.

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