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    Question Question about Asynch Sockets Callbacks

    I am setting up a TCP Listener service that will accept mutliple connections and create a socket for each connection. I want to use a common send callback for the Async BeginSend, and a common callback for the Async BeginReceive. I will instantiate a state object for each socket that will be passed as an argument to the async functions. Since the state contains the information about which socket is being processed, a single callback function for each of the async functions makes sense; I just want to make sure that this is the best way to design this functionality, as opposed to creating a thread to manage each sockets communications.

    Is this the right way to do this?

    Thanks for all replies!
    Stephen H. Stubbs
    Software Systems Engineer
    Smith Engineering, LLC

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    Asyns and threading are not the same, so I think you need to evaluate each.
    I have created a similar app using async callback AND used multiple threads. Using async callbacks, you can still block other clients while handling one client. I believe that a single-threaded app will not process multiple callbacks simultaneously but sequentially.
    Once you introduce multiple threads, make sure you understand blocking and synchronization.

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