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    Need the same combobox on multiple forms, tabs, frames, etc


    I'm writing an app in VB6 that has multiple forms, tabs and frames. In a number of situations I need the same combobox (populated with 1000's of customers names in the list and their acct numbers in the itemdata). Is there anyway I can dim a combobox in a module, populate it in Sub Main with the customer info from a recordset, call Form1 which loads and displays the combobox, calls Form2 which needs that same combobox on a frame, and so on?

    I don't want to have to load all the forms ahead of time. I basically want to populate a combobox once at startup and make it available to any form that needs it down the road.




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    You may be able to use the SetParent API to move the populated combobox from one form to another at runtime, but that's a hack and would likely create more problems than it solves.

    I think the larger question is: Do your users want to scroll through thousands of items to find the one they're looking for? Rather than loading an entire table into the combobox, why not query the database in the background as the user types and populate the list with items that match the first character or two? If Google can do it, surely you can? ;-)
    Phil Weber

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