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    Sep 2006

    Post adding different popupmenus to different tree nodes

    I am new to swing and I would like to add different popupmenus for different nodes of a tree. Can we do this using tree mouse listeners or tree model listeners ?

    I've an application which constructs a jtree initially. Once the jtree is created, I am adding a custom mouse listener to jtree. In my custom mouse listener if the event is a popup trigger, I'm displaying a popup menu for the selected node. I've different action classes for each of the popup menu actions. In once of the action classes, a new node is inserted to the tree. After the node is added, I would like to display a different popup menu to the new node. As of now, I am still able to see the old popupmenu used for the tree initially. I think this can be done as this is a normal thing for anybody using jtrees.

    I would really appreciate if anyone can guide me out or give some idea of doing this.


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    Are we talking popup menu as in like right-clicking to bring up a menu?
    Either way, inside the listener you should grab the node that was clicked. Determine the type or status of the node and then show the appropriate menu.

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    Sep 2006
    Thanks for your reply. I solved the problem.

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