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    Sep 2006

    How does one print a string on paper as text rather than an image?

    Well, I know how to print strings on paper, but only using Java 2D methods. I want to know how to make it so that the text is written as text, not an image. When printed as an image, text does not wrap to the page and newline characters are ignored.

    Gee, you’d think the phone-book sized java book I have would cover this, but it doesn’t. Figures.

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    The way I usually print is by having a JPanel with the same size os the paper, and then paint that using the Graphics object belong to the Image. This way, you can have linewrap no proble, because on your JPanel, you could just draw one big JTextArea. The only thing you need to find a solution for is page flipping. You need to handle the multiple pages yourself, but that shouldn't be too difficult, since you know the height of the page and the height of your font.


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