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    Sep 2006

    Question c++: problem with classes

    hey you guys,

    the problem is that i have 2 classes (say A,B) ,
    class A have a pointer on class B
    class A
    { B* b;};
    and class B have a member variable for type class A
    class B
    {A a;};
    this is seems to be a problem and the compiler retrun an error say
    'a' uses undefined class 'A' although i am declaring the header of A
    #include "A.h"
    class B
    {A a;};

    anybody have any idea abt wat might be the problem here
    thnx 4 ur time and concern

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    May 2006
    I think your A class should contain a short forward declaration of B:

    // --- A.h file ---
    class B;
    class A
        B * b;
    // --- B.h file ---
    #include "A.h"
    class B
        A a;
    I hope this helps.
    Last edited by Viorel; 09-14-2006 at 08:58 AM.

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