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    Anybody going to Yahoo! Hack Day?

    Hi there,

    Yahoo! is holding an interesting event next weekend (Sept. 29-30) at its headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. Called Yahoo! Open Hack day, it is a free two-day event where developers are invited to enjoy free food and entertainment--and even to camp out overnight on the Yahoo! lawn--while they create mashups and fun apps using Yahoo APIs. The idea is for hundreds of developers to meet and mingle while they collaborate and compete to create neat software. It's sort of 24-hour long birds of a feather wrapped inside a festival.

    You can read the schedule of events here: http://developer.yahoo.net/hackday/ but in short, people arrive Friday afternoon and begin coding. Friday night there will be a band (Yahoo, as yet, isn't saying who in order to cut down on party crashers, but I was promised they will be worth seeing). On Saturday evening attendees will be invited on-stage to give demos of all the great mashups they've created. While there are judges of a sort, this is a light-hearted competition and all ideas are welcome. They are expecting about 500 developers.

    With our new site, APIFinder, recently launched I am really excited about getting out there to see what everyone is creating. I'll be there along with Assistant Editor Erin Gannon. We'd love to meet you if you're in the area and planning to go. Please drop us a note if you'll be there too.

    Lori Piquet
    Editor-in-chief, DevX

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    Yahoo Hack day turned out to be a great event. If anybody is interested, I have posted a short piece at APIFinder.



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    Apr 2006
    Wow. That was nice. Too bad I missed out.

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    Sep 2006
    I missed it too. All in all it's pity..

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