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    array of linked lists

    Hey everyone, im doing an project for uni, and i have to make a dictionary, which is an array of linked list, where each element of the array is a linked list which stores all the words starting with a certain letter of the alphabet.
    the words for the dictionary are ment to be read in from a dictionary and then sorted in the array of linked lists. im still new at programming and cant understand how to make an array with each element consisting of a linked list. any help would be great! thx!

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    The elements held in the array are linked lists - the objects contained in an array can be a list - a Collection can hold Collections - this is an implementation similar to a multi-dimension array. Array elements 0-25 hold either a null node or a list of nodes holding words starting with the corresponding letter. If there are more words added, they link off the end of the particular list growing from the particular element node.

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