Hi all,

In a project I'm working on, I need to call web services methods based on information that is given to my client program only at run-time.
I get the wsdl url, the name of the method to call and the parameters to use.

While that would not be a problem with the old SOAP toolkit, I found no way to call webservices in VB.NET 2005 at run time.

All the articles, whitepapers, tutorials,... start with "in solution explorer, add a web reference...". That's not gonna work for me as I only know which web service I'll call at run-time.

I can't believe that dynamically calling a web-service in VB.NET is harder than with VB6 and the old SOAP toolkit, thus I must be missing something big.

Any suggestion will be more than welcome.
Meanwhile I'll continue searching.

Thanks a lot.