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    newbie question: java automation?

    hi guys!

    i just have a small question. im just starting to discover the fun in programming(using programming to automate your daily tasks) i still am very new to programming in java but have a basic knowledge. what i want to do is this; i want to start windows media player to record this internet radio station at a certain time like 5am and run creative media source at the same time to record the radio station from windows media player - then make it stop at 7am and shut down the pc. i guess my question is, how do you call the record function/module of creative media source and let it know that the record source is windows media player? i can issue a call command to start them but i dont know how to issue a command to make them play or record. any input would be appreciated. thanks guys!

    p.s. what do you call the process that i wanted to happen? (making a call to a certain application like creative media source and making it do one of its functions, like to start recording) any recomended materials on that topic? thanks again!
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    You are developing a very difficult application for a newbie. It's hardly to recomend you a general solution but you can try to find some useful libraries at www.sourceforge.net that can help you to solve your problem.

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    thank you for your reply sir! hehe i didnt know it was that advanced. what would you recomend that i start with? -to get me started on java? thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wantamad
    thank you for your reply sir! hehe i didnt know it was that advanced. what would you recomend that i start with? -to get me started on java? thanks!
    If you want to start using Java and study most easiest and valuable technologies you should write a SIMPLE web-application like on-line store. There are many examples in the Internet how to do it. Thus you will study JDBC, JSP and you gain a basic knowledge of the servers. Also you can develop a thick client for your web-application. It allows you to study SWING or AWT framework which are belongs to J2SE than J2EE.

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    thank you again! much appreciated!

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