More than one LoginURL in an application

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Thread: More than one LoginURL in an application

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    Cool More than one LoginURL in an application

    Hi all,
    I have a big problem regarding usage of two different Login screens in an application. Problem is described in detail as following..

    1. In our WebApplication we have classified web pages in 3 categories
    a) Secured pages for Admin (within "Admin" Folder of root directory)
    b) Secured pages for User (within "User" Folder of root directory)
    c) Normal pages for everyone (in root directory)
    Here "Admin" will have some login page for him (suppose AdminLogin.aspx) and "Users" will have some DIFFERENT login page for them (suppose UserLogin.aspx).
    Now problem is that I have to apply "Forms Authentication" on Secured pages. If some unauthenticated person is making the request for secured pages then I have to redirect "Admin" to AdminLogin.aspx whereas "User" to UserLogin.aspx.

    I know how to deal with this in case I have a single login page for my application. But I couldn't find any solution for two login pages. See if any one can help me.

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