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    Passing attributes from applet to jsp


    I am developing a web application where i use applet to fetch i/p from keyboard through applet and passs this as an attribute to jsp.

    i dont knoe how to do that.Could you please help me?


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    Applet and Servlet Communication

    In the Applet and Servlet ( JSP ) communication, applet act as a client just like a browser and the Servlet or JSP act as a server.
    Now, the applet can send GET or POST requests to the servlet or JSP and in turn receive data from them.
    You just have to create a URLConnection from the URL of the servlet and write or read from the Output/InputStream.

    For eg.

    in your applet, create a URLConnection object like this: -

    URL url = new URL(getCodeBase(), "<servlet>" )
    URLConnection connection = url.openConnection();

    now, read or write to the servlet: -

    InputStream istream = connection.getInputStream();


    OutputStrem ostream = connection.getOutputStrem();

    In case of reading and writing Objects, you can open a ObjectInputStream or ObjectOutputStream. But remember to set the Content-Type of the Output stream while writing to the servlet to the appropriate type.

    I think this much information will get you started!

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