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Thread: Favourite language

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    Question Favourite language

    Hi all

    I'm collecting informations for a homework.
    May I ask you what is your favourite language or how you choose which one to use?
    And a simple question: Why is there so many different languages?

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    My favourite languages are C and Assembly.
    For parsing specific applications, like message injections et al, I prefer Perl
    and for web applications PHP
    But for general applications C and assembly if I am developing at the processor level...
    Why are there so many different language--- Because their uses are so varied. Imagine using C for Web Applications, or for Developing a Graphical Desktop Application...Its possible but quite a headache...

    How to choose which one to use?
    On various factors, primarily based on how comfortable with the language and how well suited it is to be able to provide you with the required functionality.

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