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Thread: oo query

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    Feb 2005

    oo query

    hi guys

    I have primitive obsession in my current program and i wanna make it oo.

    at the moment i have one class which is called playerselect. for oo i would need to create two classes. within the same class i have

    static int enteramount, j, k;
    static int numberofplayers = -99;
    static int humanpl = -97;

    now my main problem is how to turn these into objects. Im using eclipse omundo. and Ive been testing attributes and constructers. now from my understanding would I turn these into attributes? can some explain what option i would use to turn the current variables into objects???

    thanks alot


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    Sep 2006
    Do you mean that?

    public class PlayerSelect {
    public int enteramount, j, k;
    public int numberofplayers = -99;
    public int humanpl = -97;

    public static void main(String[] args) {
    PlayerSelect ps1 = new PlayerSelect();
    PlayerSelect ps2 = new PlayerSelect();

    Or that?
    Integer jObj = new Integer(j);

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    Feb 2005
    what Im trying to say is at the moment i have these varables which the method uses. Now to turn these into objects i would to create a new class but what options would I use in eclipse to turn them into object e.g would i be using setter and getters?
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