Hello All,

I have a couple of programming problems that I need some assistance with. Any help from you guys will be highly appreciated.

1) Need to create a logging module that is thread safe, that timestamps the log entries in GMT and rotates log files nightly at midnight

2) Need to write a program that accepts a series or URLs on the command-line, and prints the top 3 fastest URLs, along with their timing (for reading). It should not wait for any additional URLs to complete. For example:

$ java URLTester http://yahoo.com http://google.com http://microsoft.com http://mindspring.com http://download.com

http://google.com 30ms
http://mindspring.com 40ms
http://yahoo.com 2000ms

(and the program should end at this point... It should not wait for all URLs to complete)

Like I said, even if you can point me in the right direction with the above two examples, I will highly appreciate it.

Kunal Sathe