Here's a even shorter method, which is probably a little more efficient with
resources, and definitely more accurate.

1. Use a regular expression match groups of non-whitespace characters.
2. Count the number of matches.

This has the advantage of dealing with repeated spaces and the varying forms
of whitespace.


using System;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

class MainEntryPoint
static void Main(string [] args)
string Test = "Count words in this string.";
string Pattern = @"\S+";
MatchCollection Words = Regex.Matches(Test, Pattern);
Console.WriteLine("Word count is " + Words.Count);

"Russell Jones" <> wrote:
>Here's a shorter method.
>1. Read the file into a string
>2. Split the resulting string using a space as a delimiter. That returns

>array of strings.
>3. Count the number of items in the array.