Hi, I've got a problem with a search form of mine...the way it works is that all my pages have a search box, in which the user puts their search terms and clicks the search button. They are then taken to the search form, which accepts querystring parameters generated by the previous page and automatically executes the desired search.

The problem with this is that in Internet Explorer, using the back button from the search page doesn't do anything. The search page is getting submitted instantly as soon as it's reached, and so I guess that act of submitting creates a history entry, and so in essence when the back button is clicked it just submits the search page again and doesn't actually let you return to your original page.

I was wondering if anybody knew what a good fix for this would be...I know I've seen this problem on other sites, but can't remember any of them off hand. The problem doesn't occur in Firefox for some reason, so it has to do with the way Internet Explorer handles submit()'s on HTML pages. Also, the form that's getting submitted is using GET. I think I tried it with POST and it didn't make a difference.